Training Services

Below some of the Crate Pro/SketchUp Training Services we can provide.

Crate Pro 6 Set Up Service

  • We start right from the beginning, we install it to your drive,(if not already installed) set up the software so your ready to input your Company info. 

  • Preferences, inventory & much more.

  • We go through with you the crate designs that best suit your needs.

  • We find the right fit and get you set up to go and soon your on your way to lightening quick quotes and design!

SketchUp Training


  • We help you to learn to work with Designs

  • We help you to use the SketchUp toolbox

  • Learn how to make an object a group

  • Learn how to use Push/Pull to sculpt 3D entities

  • We teach how to move, stretch & copy objects 

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    Crate Pro 5 Repair/Update/Train

    • Did you buy Crate Pro 5 years ago and then not ever get a chance to learn or take advantage of this beneficial software?

    • Difficulty getting started? Too much information? Not to worry, we can help!

    • We'll set you up, go over the software you have.

    • We'll even work with your employees or crating designer/estimator so that they fully understand the benefit of this software

    • We can help make back the you money that you spent doing things the old way.

    SketchUp Setup

  • Install the Software & Setup SketchUp for you to start drawing crates.

  • Use Sketchup along with Crate Pro and manipulate crates to your design.

  • Enter dimensions, show views, front/back, ends, base & lid.

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