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Why Choose Superior Crate Design & Consulting?


Time is by far the most sought after luxury business executives seek.

This is what we have to offer you by working with you to get your projects completed and deadlines met. If you're short on time we're the company to help!


Knowledgeable Quality Service is something we excel at!

We place you and your company high on the priority list!

We care about you and in turn this reflects how you take care of your customer!


Have us Quote your Export & Domestic Crating/Packing Services.

We offer this service for USA & Canada . 

You can compare your own quoting to ours.

We can supply you with professional quotes designed to impress your customers and win you that contract!


If it's drawings or layouts your staff and or your customer needs we are the company to take care of this!

We'll provide you with your company layout template and we can apply your company logo and so much more!


Basically, we can work with you in many ways. Our consulting and advisory service will get you moving in the right direction. With more than 35 years of experience in this industry it's not too likely you'll find anything that will stump us. Give us a try!

You wont be disappointed! 

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