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Superior Crate Design & Consulting 

We are here to help you

get your time back! 

Our Services
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Our Services

Professional Crate Design, SketchUp Training, 

3D Drawings, Engineered Plans & Design Drafting,

Step by Step Manuals for Heavy & Large Out of Gauge Export Crating.

Auto Calculating Spreadsheets in Excel,

Load Plans for Containers...

Professional Quotes Completed & Much More 

Superior Mobile 


Solutions to help manufacturing companies. Regardless of what you want to ship we will provide you the solutions or we'll point you in the right direction.

Superior Remote Training

Most companies use about 5% of what their software can do for them. That's where we come in. We can train you or your staff remotely or troubleshoot many issues that come up.

Export Crate Designs & Drawings


Having designed literally 1000's of crates for just about anything, you can imagine we will make quick work for any drawing you require for your sawyers, assemblers and shippers.

Providing Professional  Quotes 

Having 30+ yrs experience in all facets of the Export & Domestic crating, packaging industry, I can custom design & professionally quote jobs for you.

ISPM#15 Manuals & Advice

Having drawn up many ISPM# 15 Quality Manuals and being involved with this tracking system since it's inception I can help you.

Support & Advisory Consulting

Giving advice and helping support 

companies through many avenues in the shipping world is just a small part of what we can do for you.


"We do some unusual things and have technical capabilities in-house but when the job is unusual or I just want another opinion on something I always call Marcel. He has never once let us down!"

Greg McCurry
Marshane Corporation


Ready to find out more?

With over 30 yrs experience in the Export Crating Designing & Packaging, more than15 yrs experience using & testing

industrial software known as Crate Pro. I have gained a wealth of knowledge with respect to Crate Pro and it's use in the International & Domestic Shipping Industry. With many years of experience in Professional Crate Design, SketchUp Training, 3D Drawings, Engineered Plans & Design Drafting, Step by Step Manuals for Heavy & Large Out of Gauge Export Crating or Custom Designed Crates, Tradeshow Crates...

Auto calculating spreadsheets in Excel of all types, graphs, etc...

load plans for containers/trucks, bill's of ladings drawn up,

professional quotes(US or Canada) completed & so much More 

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