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Crate Pro Initial

Set Up Services

Crate Pro 6 Set Up Service

Studies show that more than 80% of our clients were using only 5% of what

Crate Pro software is capable of. By choosing us to do your initial setup you realize the power of this amazing software and your time is freed up to to more productive use.

  • We start right from the beginning, we install it to your drive,(if not already installed) set up the software so your ready to input your Company info. 

  • We will enter all your Preferences, Inventory & much more.

  • We go through with you the crate designs that best suit your needs.

  • We find the right fit and get you set up to go and soon your on your way to lightening quick quotes, assembly sheets and cut lists!

  • We can set up templates of you style of crate or skid so even more time saved in the design portion of the software

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